Huntsman Pigments is a leading global producer of Titanium dioxide pigments. TIOXIDE brand name is recognized all over the world.Titanium dioxide pigments provide whiteness and opacity to a vast range of everyday products from coatings and plastics, to inks and even cosmetics and food. To produce the pigments Huntsman process a raw material rich in titanium from minerals found in beach sands and rock. This feedback is treated to extract the titanium and then reform it as titanium dioxide to a very closely defined particle size. Finally the product is coated and milled to produce a range of versatile pigments for key end uses.
The products available ex-stock.
1) Tioxide TR28
Recommended for Polyolefin masterbatch including polyethylene for extrusion. Its surface treatment ensures very easy absorption of moisture.
2) Tioxide R-FC5
 Its imparts excellent brightness, a blue undertone and high opacity, designed specifically for use in Plastics.
3) Titanium Dioxide TR-92
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