Honeywell Specialty Polymer makes Aegis® nylon resins that are used in a variety of flexible packaging and compounding applications globally.

Honeywell Resins and Chemicals is a leader in specialty markets –including caprolactam, cyclohexanone, ammonium sulfate fertilizer and specialty resins. Built on a solid past, strong manufacturing capabilities and a broad product portfolio, Honeywell Resins and Chemicals remain loyal to promise of uncompromised quality and strong customer support in all of the markets .Honeywell extend the quality, consistency, global reach and accessibility that you have come to expect with all of Honeywell products.
The products available ex-stock.
1) Aegis® H8202NLB
Aegis® H8202NLB is an unfilled low viscosity, non-lubricated nylon 6 injection molding homopolymer Exhibiting excellent melt fluidity for filling thin sections. It exhibits good strength, stiffness, and toughness As well as excellent heat, chemical and abrasion resistance.
2) Aegis® H100QP
Aegis®100QP is a lubricated, medium viscosity nylon 6 extrusion grade homopolymer for cast or blown Film. It confirms to FDA requirements of 21 CFR 177.1500 as well as EU Directive 2002/72/EC. It possesses The combination of Strength, toughness and thermoforming properties associated with Nylon 6 as well as  Excellent heat, chemical, and abrasion resistance.
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