Richyu Chemical manufacture Two major product Groups: One Group is Anti-oxidant, Light Stabilizer and UV Absorbers as plastic Additives and the other are Curing Agents for Polyurethane Industry.

The core technology for Richyu Chemical is to make the complete series of Phosphite Anti-oxidants. Richyu Chemicals has started from making Richfos 168 from 1500 MT/year until now 10000 MT/year. With the excellent performance of Richfos 168, Richyu Chemical continues to develop successfully the relative products such as Richfos 626, Richfos PEP – 36, etc. Beside solid Phosphites of Anti-oxidants, and are also strong in liquid Phosphite type such as Richfos TPP, Richfos TNPP, and Richfos DPDP etc.

In order to serve world-wide customers, Richyu Chemical also produce Hindered Phenolic type of Anti-oxidants, HALS type of Light Stabilizer, Benzotriazole & Benzophenone type of UV Absorbers, PP Clarifier and Metal Deactivator as a full range of supply for customers.
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